street photography

In January of 2017, I spent a week in Los Angeles, CA with my friends, Bob and Ryan. Bob, who is quadriplegic and operates a mechanical wheelchair, drew a great amount of attention from strangers as we navigated the crowds. Many people would stare at him with looks of confusion, shock, and even annoyance, but would quickly look away out of fear of being noticed. I found this series of actions interesting and asked Bob if he noticed how people stared at him. With a confident tone in his voice, he answered me by saying that "the only way that people can learn about disability is through exposure. So let them look! Besides, I love the attention."

Moved by his confidence,  I decided to photograph individuals who looked at Bob and/or then looked away from him for one day during our week in LA.

In order avoid drawing attention, I chose to shoot from the hip which resulted in the street-style photographs that you see below.

All images taken on a Fuji X100T and processed in Adobe Lightroom.